Perhaps your child won't talk to you and you have concerns they are depressed or anxious, not coping with school or not making friends. Maybe your child has been put on behavior charts each year, but all those behavior charts really seemed to do was help the behavior for a couple of weeks, if even that, and then the behavioral issues ended up returning. You keep getting phone calls from his or her teacher or the principal and you can see the effect this is having on your child. Maybe your child comes home from school and says things like, "no one likes me" or "I have no friends." You know your child needs additional help, but you also feel powerless in knowing what or how to change the situation.

I specialize in working with children between the ages of 9-14 years old, who have ADHD, Autism, social, emotoinal or behavioral difficulties. The common element among this population of children is that they sometimes have difficulty with impulse control, or in reading social cues which sometimes causes them trouble in making friends, or getting along with teachers. As a result when they hit the age of 9 or 10 years old, the secondary effect they face are higher rates of depression and low self-worth. They also often lack a sense of belonging or connection in school and are at a higher risk of dropping out in highschool. This in between age, or transition between childhood and adulthood, is such a crucial time in forming a positive self-image and identity. 

I work with children to help change what may appear to be a bleak future into a positive and hopeful one by:

  • Teaching skills in helping these particular children stop and think, before reacting
  • Providing a set of coping tools to help them increase their feelings of self-worth and resilience
  • Providing a confidential and safe space where they are free to vent the unique issues they face without judgment 
  • Providing multiple modes of therapy, including walk and talk therapy which sometimes shows to be more effective with adolescents who have difficulty sharing feelings, or who have ADHD, impulse control issues, and have a difficult time sitting still
  • Providing counseling for both parent and child in the event that there is conflict occuring between the two of you
  • Reminding them frequently that someone believes and has faith in their ability to push through these challenging times

I believe children need to feel safe and connected to others in order to be successful inside and outside of school, which is why I also offer two six-week programs called: "Getting through the School Blues" (one in October, and one in February-the most stressful times of the school year for children). This group is designed specifically for children between the ages of 11-13 years old-the most challenging years of adolescents.

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