I understand how scary it may be to take that first step on a new journey. Maybe, you or your child have never tried counseling before and you're unsure of the results or outcome, you're unsure if you want to risk talking to a complete stranger. I understand your concerns so I offer a free consultation by providing you with as much information as possible before you make that decision. To learn more about me, who I am, and what I provide as a counselor, you can call for a free 30 minute consultationg at 832-956-1508.

​Once you have contacted me and if we both believe that my counseling services are an appropriate fit for you and/or your child you can book an appointment online by clicking here or by making one during our consultation.

All intake forms will be sent to you online and can be completed online for your ease and convenience before the appointment.

Pictures of the office and lounge are below to give you an idea of my space. I look forward to meeting you and am trusting our time together will be healing!

After our sessions, please take a few minutes to complete a 1-2 minute survey by clicking here . This survey provides valuable feedback on how I can continue to improve on the quality and value of your time during our sessions: