Do you have concerns that your pre-teen or teen is depressed or anxious, not coping with school, or life or not making friends? Maybe you keep getting phone calls from his or her teacher or the principal and you can see the effect this is having. Maybe your child comes home from school and says things like, "no one likes me" or "I have no friends." Or perhaps your child doesn't externalize behavior so much as they turn inward on themselves and isolate, stay in their room, hole up and shut down their feelings. You know your child needs additional help, but you also feel powerless in knowing what or how to change the situation. 

I have worked with a broad range of issues including but not limited to:

General school issues
Victims of bullying
Behavior and anger management issues
Low self-worth
Those recovering from trauma,death, divorce, or loss
Children who self-injure
Children who are adjusting to a blended family
Impulse Control Issues

I work with children to help change what may appear to be a bleak future into a positive and hopeful one by:

Providing a safe and accepting space where they are free to vent the unique issues they face without judgment.

Providing a set of coping tools to help them increase their feelings of self-worth, resilience, and awareness around their feelings, thoughts, impulses and behavior.

Supporting them as they practice and apply their new set of coping tools in the outside world.

Reminding them frequently that someone believes and has faith in their ability to push through these challenging times as they are learning these new skills.

I also offer 3 day intensive EMDR for teen girls quarterly throughout the year. See flyer below for the next opportunity. 

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